Daddy's Garage Buddy Onesie, Father's Day Onesie

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Cute Onesie for Daddy's Garage Buddy

Please choose your color for the wording from drop down menu.

Tools will be black (as shown)



We use Gerber Onesies- Size Chart Below;

Onesies: Weight Height
Newborn 5-8lbs 17-21in.
0-3month 8-12lbs 21-24in.
3-6month 12-16lbs 24-26in.
6-9month 16-20lbs 26-28in.
12month 20-24lbs 28-30in.
18month 24-28lbs 30-32in.
24month 28-32lbs 32-34in.

Please select size accordingly. If unsure, we recommend sizing up 1.